Revolutionary Crowdfunding

Now, when you think of a small business, you probably think of a local company that has scaled up. Well, the Learning Enterprises Organization, or LEO, has done anything but that.

Since their inception in 2012, LEO hit the global market disrupting already disruptive sectors. They started by creating educational courses for businesses and have since created over 100 different educational courses online. They are now involved in many areas – from crowdfunding to digital currency – with offices in 10 countries.

“The way LEO operates is we look at established industries and look for ways of disrupting them. So we thought the established market was too geographically focused. Too many websites only cared about that local market. But with LEO crowd, a backer of a project in Australia can help start a business in Kazakhstan. Someone in Kazakhstan can help start a business in South America. There’s no barriers to backing other businesses because we use the power of digital currencies, like Bitcoin and LEOCoin to break down those needless and arbitrary barriers.”
-Mihir Magudia, Global Director of External Relations, LEO

Like we said, LEO is involved and developing in many different sectors. They have created their own currency, LEOCoin, and earlier this year they released their own crowdfunding platform, LEOCrowd.

“So LEOCrowd is our crowdfunding, owndership project. What we do is we help potential or aspiring business owners to breathe life into their projects and businesses. So we match people who want to start a business with people who are interested in backing those businesses. Basically, that’s how, in a nutshell how the LEOCrowd funding platform works.”
-Geraldine Aquino, Chief Operating Officer, LEO

“One of the problems, in additional currency sectors is far too niche. Too few people know about them. And those that do are far too technologically-savvy and know too much about computing and IT and all these technical details that to use a currency you don’t need to know about, you don’t need to care about. So the ambition of LEOCoin is to be the world’s truly first mass-market digital currency. That’s a reason I’m so passionate about LEO.”
-Mihir Magudia, Global Director of External Relations, LEO

If you want to learn more about LEO, head to today.


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