Clear Audio for those with Hearing Loss

So hearing loss is a global health issue, affecting an estimated 360 million people worldwide, nearly 50 million Americans, with another 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk for hearing loss. One of the most common early indicators of hearing loss is no longer being able to clearly understand the TV. This is where Turtle Beach’s revolutionary HyperSound Clear 500P comes into play.

It uses directed audio to significantly improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with hearing loss. To explain how it works, think of traditional audio like light from a lightbulb – light leaves the bulb, goes everywhere and loses brightness over distance. Now think of HyperSound Clear’s directed audio like light from a flashlight – light comes out in a focused beam, shining brighter and further than the ordinary lightbulb. By directing HyperSound Clear’s audio beam, it’s able to target a specific location, like someone on the couch watching TV. When sitting in HyperSound’s audio beam, sound becomes crystal clear and feels like wearing a surround sound headset. Outside the beam, HyperSound audio is barely noticeable. So why does this matter? If you’re living with hearing loss, chances are you’re watching TV with the volume turned-up, because when you start to lose your hearing, typically the first thing to go is high-frequency audio, and that means no longer being able to hear and understand what’s being said on TV. This is where HyperSound Clear does something amazing – it delivers an additional layer of crisp, clear high-frequency audio to the targeted listener. HyperSound Clear works in conjunction with your home audio setup, whether just a TV or a surround sound system. Your TV or home theatre system still provides the full audio range (highs, mids and lows), but at a normal volume level that doesn’t overwhelm everyone else, while HyperSound Clear delivers a beam of high-frequency audio to the person with hearing loss, providing them a better TV listening experience they can once again share with loved ones or friends. Imagine, instead of having to use closed captioning or cranking-up the TV volume, people with hearing loss can comfortably hear TV audio again, while everyone else in the room can enjoy watching TV with them at a normal volume level. What’s even better is that the HyperSound Clear 500P can be programmed by a hearing healthcare provider to a person’s specific hearing loss to suit a listener’s exact hearing needs.

Currently, HyperSound Clear is available through hearing healthcare providers, and Turtle Beach is looking at expanding availability possibly later this year, early next. For more information on Turtle Beach’s HyperSound Clear 500P, head over to the official website at:

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