Online Collaboration for Film & Game Projects

Are you interested in making films? Or maybe you have a passion for developing games? Collaboration is often the key to success in both of those industries. Luckily, online creative collaboration is more possible now than ever thanks to a little thing called the internet. But we all know that working with Dropbox or e-mail is really limited and just plain difficult. That’s why you should check out Nerdeo.

Nerdeo is an online platform designed for freelancers and students in the indie film and gaming industries. This service allows filmmakers, visual effects artists and game designers from all over the world to collaborate more efficiently on indie projects. And even better it’s provided a low-cost alternative to other platforms, making it perfect for those on low or no budgets like recent grads. This will allow anyone to be able to pursue their passion to create. You can register for free and get started by setting up your profile. Let’s say you are working on a short film. Simply post images or a trailer with the roles you need to fill. People can then apply to the project right on Nerdeo. You can even search for other freelancers by keyword search and invite them to your project. And of course they can find you by searching by keywords as well. Pretty cool, right? If someone applies that you like, you can accept them so they become an instant collaborator. And if your project has a budget, don’t worry. You can securely pay your collaborators worldwide with Nerdeo’s PayPal based payments system and easily keep track of all of your transactions in your accounts page.

Ready to start working on those film projects you’ve been putting off? You can register on Nerdeo for free by going to today.

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