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Are you looking to make a fashion statement that’ll help you stand out? If so, then check out Artistic Falls. This brand new Canadian company specializes in one-of-a kind custom jewelry.  Artistic Falls is a unique jewelry line using precious stones, including genuine gemstones and semi-precious stones, as well as gold, sterling silver and metal chains. All of their gemstones are AB Grade, which means they are of the highest quality, while all their metals are nickel-free so customers will not experience any irritation if they have sensitive skin.

Designer Salwa Yak, who decided to start the jewelry line with the intention of creating pieces for women who appreciate fine quality and unique and colorful jewelry, founded Artistic Falls in the spring of 2016. Artistic Falls custom jewelry consists of necklaces, bracelets, jewelry sets and even pieces for parties, events and bridal wear. All of the pieces consist mainly of beads strung together in artful arrangements made with materials such as onyx, Siam rubes, snow quartz and Japanese seed beads.

Along with the pieces sold on the Artistic Falls website, jewelry sets and pieces can also be made specifically for you to shine and sparkle on your birthday, holiday and even your wedding day. Salwa Yak cares about whom she does business with and ensures the quality of service Artistic Falls provides to each and every customer. By treating each customer with respect and integrity, the shopping experience compliments her artistic expression within the handmade jewelry.  Artistic Falls uses it’s jewelry pieces to inspire the courageous woman within while adding to their outer beauty. If you dare to be different and ravishing, pick up Artistic Falls’ unique pieces and be the belle of the ball.

To find out more about Artistic Falls and their creations go to their website at

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