Hologram Technology

Remember when you were younger and would watch a Sci-Fi film with flying cars, robots and holograms and think to yourself, “I wonder when we’ll be in the future?” Well don’t look now but you’re already in the future. There are plenty of robots, but how about those holograms? Still waiting for those? Well take a look at HOLODOCK for your hologram needs.

Unlike other holographic displays that project the image inside a transparent pyramid-like structure or behind a transparent flat sheet positioned at an angle, the HOLODOCK allows the 3D holographic image to hang and move in the air.

This is a lot like the holographic image of Princess Leia being projected from R2-D2 or 2-Pac appearing at Coachella to perform California Love next to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. To get it going all you need to do is set a tablet like an iPad in front of the background structure of the HOLODOCK.  Once that is complete a 3D enhancement of the tablet’s image is then projected, making it seem to float in front of the viewer without the need for viewing glasses.

Now what’s even cooler is you can turn many of your favorite photos, videos or other digital images into a HOLODOCK holographic image.   The options are limitless. The HOLODOCK will be ready for release around Fall 2016 with an estimated price around $100. Get a head start on HOLODOCK Hologram creation by signing up for your free HOLODOCK Video Editor software today! Find out the details at theholodock.com and for more information about the hologram world and HOLODOCK.

Let us know what you think of HOLODOCK by heading over to the NewsWatchTV Tumblr page. 

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