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If you are looking for a robust platform to help you stay ahead of the television service providers competition then Beenius is for you. Beenius is a contemporary interactive TV platform that allows service providers to achieve functional and compelling visual superiority in their TV service.

By using Beenius, service providers gain access to a web portal that allows them to customize service to their need with their brand baked in. Providers can organize in-channel categories and select different logos for each channel allowing the end user an easy time finding what they’re trying to watch. With a wide range of client apps spreading across every type of screen including TV, smartphone, tablet, and a computer, users can watch anything from anywhere. They use a “Recommendations” application as well that works with viewers and providers. “With the support of User Statistics, the Beenius Platform is able to recommend TV programs and VOD content to viewer. Based on the end user’s previous habits and interests, which are stored in the statistics subsystem, Recommendation System suggests to each user personalized live TV shows or VOD content.”

They’ll be able to record, pause, and resume content with no problem. But there are other great features that Beenius offers, like setting reminders, applying parental controls, previewing multiple live TV channels and fling content from smartphone or tablet to TV. Customers in 45 countries across the globe are currently using this end-to-end TV service solution. That’s been made easy by its compatibility with multiple platforms including Apple, Linux, and Android. Beenius connect all of its applications and is stepping forward and assisting in the new way we watch television.

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