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Road safety and curtailing speeding vehicles in our communities is a must in order to ensure public safety. If speeding is a particular problem in your area, check out Lightcast International.

Based near Talladega Alabama, Lightcast International manufactures, designs and distributes small and large LED signs. We’ve all seen the safety signs on the side of the road that tell us how fast we’re going to remind us to slow down. Also large message signs warning construction. Lightcast goes a step further by installing a camera in the sign for real time viewing and recorded violations.These cameras capture the front and back using video not snap shots of a passing vehicle and records at a set speed. This is an innovative bonus when reviewing violations. Video and audio can be streamed or downloaded via Wi-Fi, 3G or wired internet connections and can store in the cloud with alerts via email. Since 2003, Lightcast has custom designed a majority of their products. And no matter the needs of the campus, community, factory or home owner’s association they can accommodate. So whether a customer needs recording on covert (hidden) enclosures, radar trailers, variable message signs, or a stop sign camera sign like their new Stopcam, capturing stop sign violators – they have it all covered. Also, look out for their Lightcast Reels for innovative and custom retractable reels, as well as their Variable Message Signs, Solar Beacon Controls, Sign Alert Systems, School Zone Flashing Beacons, Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, Lightcast Video Phone, Lightcast Specialty Lights, Lightcast Mini Radar, Lightcast Low Speed Gun Pro, AND LCECO Solar Flashing Warning Beacons.

For more information on what Lightcast International can do for your organization go to www.lightcastinternational.com today.

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