HIPAA Compliant Texting

When you want to tell something quickly to your friends – do you call them of fax them? No, because those are the tools of the past.  You text them.  Nobody has time to play phone tag in order to convey a simple message. So why don’t businesses or some of our largest industries adopt this technology for their communications?  Well, in the medical field a company called Klara Technologies, Inc. is blazing a new trail by offering Klara, a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app for healthcare professionals.

If you’re a doctor, medical assistant, physician assistant, office manager, front desk staff or any other healthcare professional – you can use Klara to message with your patients, team, and even external offices like pharmacies and specialty practices. Klara is the secure Whatsapp/Kik for healthcare and creates a more streamlined and efficient line of conversation. And because it’s basically a text message, each party can respond when they are available and do not have waste time playing phone tag with each other. The app is available for web browser and iOS app for phone and tablet. Klara allows you to send files, photos, lab results, and any file that you find relevant sharing with your patient or provider – making it 10 times more effective than a phone call.  On top of that, Klara creates full transparency and accountability to all parties involved.  Healthcare professionals using it have reported as much as 2 hours per day per employee saved, higher patient satisfaction, and a larger capacity for new patients. Klara is also very easy to use, so you can expect your whole staff to pick up the application quickly, no extra training!

Now, Klara is available free for life for early adopters. So take advantage while you can. To learn more, head to klara.com today.

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