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Now that consumers have embraced ecommerce as a primary channel, brands have a new challenge to ensure all of their product content is accurate, timely, and also engaging. As you can imagine, updating your content in real time is too big a task to be handled manually. Enter Webcollage.

Webcollage is a content management and syndication platform for brands and manufacturers to get their rich product content out to ecommerce sites using one single portal. Research has demonstrated that where accurate, timely, and engaging product content exists, consumers convert more readily. So it’s no surprise then, that rich product content is important to brands and retailers alike. Webcollage integrates directly with each retailer, matching their current inventory with the most updated product content. The first step for brands to drive sales online is to log-in to the Webcollage platform – the Content Publisher – where they can build dynamic layouts for each of their products’ specifications. Then the brand syndicates this information across hundreds of retail sites. When the brand publishes their content they can dive deep into Webcollage’s Analytics Suite to see just how well their content is performing. Brands can then use this data to optimize their presence across their entire online retail channel. Currently Webcollage is used by over a thousand brands around the globe.

They have great features such as content that guides shoppers to a “buy now” moment. Retailers consistently enjoy a significant increase in online sales, and a decrease in return rates. Their enhanced product content is available on a global network of retail sites, and on any device for a seamless consumer experience.

There’s a free 30-day trial and then different pricing options dependent on a brand’s needs. To learn more, head to today.

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