School Community Communications

Violence and emergency situations in our schools are at unprecedented levels.  To keep our children safer, Administrators need a better way to communicate during these times of crisis. With the increasing use of cell-phone, social media and technology, In-Telligent was created as an answer to the lack of proper communication between administration and the student body in these high-risk situations. Through In-telligent, they can easily and quickly send life-saving and other informational alerts to students, parents, and staff.

Simply by downloading the app, creating an account and following the school’s community, users will be better connected than ever before. In a life safety situation, for the first time, alerts sent by the Administrators will override the silent settings on a mobile device. To reach the most people possible, In-telligent uses both geolocation and the user’s community selections to deliver information. Users can also communicate with the school administrators through the App eliminating the need to know their e-mail or phone number. In-telligient was created as the necessary 2-way communication tool between the user and the communities you are a part of.

In-telligient doesn’t just keep you connected to the communities you are a part of but it also allows you to stay informed about worldly events and information you care about by creating automatic keyword searches for the internet and your social media accounts.  Along with those alerts you can use In-telligent to connect to your local and world news social media channels.

In-telligent is currently available for free to every school community throughout the country.  Just having the In-telligent platform in place helps keep our schools and our children safer and better informed. To transform your school into an In-telligent community, visit them at

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