5 Augmented Reality Games for Weight Lost


By Hazel-Lovely Saunders

The world has been walking and catching Pokémon in the augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, over the past few months. For those who don’t care about the game, there are other games that will make couch potatoes get off their butts and start exercising with fun AR games. Here are some games you should start downloading to get into the new AR craze.

The Walk

The title says it all. You just need to walk. It’s like you’re reading a mystery novel, but in order to read the next chapter you need to walk ten meters. You’ll love the mystery behind the story and waking will unveil the story piece-by-piece. Walking isn’t bad and hey we hate cliffhangers, so get your walk on and be part of a mystery.

Landlord Tycoon

Landlord Tycoon is a combination of Monopoly and Pokémon Go. You walk around to scout for virtual properties for developing buildings. The game turns your world into a property board game, letting you buy and sell real world venues for virtual money. Invest in WiFi, karaoke evenings, and even VIP areas to make locations more valuable and boost rental income. Remember to be smart and don’t go broke. Step up your business and reality skill in this new game.



Ingress is Pokémon Go’s big brother. The game turns your world into a rebellious zone. The backstory is: “a mysterious energy has been unearthed by a team of scientists on Europe. The origin and purpose of this force is unknown, but some researchers believe it is influencing the way we think. We must control it or it will control us”. The game requires you to use your brain muscles to succeed to keep Earth alive and human-controlled.

Zombies, Run!

Make sure you have your headphones on and are ready to run for your life in Zombies, Run! Every run you partake in is a mission to be the hero. The story is filled with immersive audio and you’re at the center of a zombie adventure. You can walk, jog or run if you wish (side note: it also works on treadmills). The first four missions are free, in order to unlock all 200+ story missions for unlimited play, you have to pay $2.99/month or $19.99/year.


Get in shape by standing in front of your computer’s camera and start burning calories. Ballstrike is a fitness application that motivates you to move your body, kick, hit and jump to make balls explode. It makes working out fun. You can use this at the office or play with your kids at home. You can even take screenshots of your workout and share them on social media.

So start using augmented reality games to stay in shape. All 5 of the games we highlighted are available on Google Android and iOS devices.

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