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Pure, fresh air is fuel for your brain and body cells. Every day we consume 1 kilogram of food, 1 liter of water and breathe 25 kilograms of air. The amount of pollution and toxins you breathe in daily are putting your future at risk. The problem is you can’t stop breathing if you’re not happy with the air around you. U-Earth is a company determined to give people a choice. They are the first biotechnology company to bring air purification to the best companies in the world. Through 30 years of scientific research they have created premium products which aim to naturally eliminate airborne pollutants. When it comes to outdoors, they’ve developed the U-Mask, which is the first biotech mask in the world – perfect for jogging and biking. It’s a combination of biotechnology and style; it comes in a selection of smart colors and designs at www.u-mask.eu.

When it comes to indoors, the U-earth team has one goal in mind – to create a community of companies and people who choose air purified spaces. They do this with Pure Air Zones. Becoming a Pure Air Zone consists of two easy-to-set-up products, the U-Monitor which employs real-time detection of air quality while the AIRcel plug-and-play air purifier, naturally solves every possible air quality problem by eating pollution through friendly microorganisms, releasing pure mountain air; changing the breathing experience while joining to clean the world from pollution. U-earth is how looking for the best companies in the world.

To enter the first Pure Air community and turn your company in a Pure Air Zone, head to pure-air-zone.com and hit join today.

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