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Now, we love finding new ways to listen to music through cool and innovative speakers. This next one is no exception. The Revolution Acoustics invisible SSP6 Multiducer pretty much revolutionizes the way we listen to audio.

Standard speakers send out a cone of sound directly in front of the speaker. Leaving the rest of the room with much less sound. The SSP6 on the other hand fills the room with surprisingly immersive audio when attached to the walls, ceiling, glass, or furniture causing them to resonate high fidelity sound throughout the space. The SSP6 doesn’t make much sound on its own, rather it comes alive by acoustically exciting the panels and surfaces its in contact with. This creates the equivalent of massively large speakers and consistent sound and volume levels no matter where you’re positioned in the room. It does this by using bending-wave physics. If you were to walk through a room where the SSP6’s are playing and you were to close your eyes, you’d be hard-pressed to detect exactly where the speakers are. It’s that consistent across every point of the room. And its installed invisibly inside the wall, ceiling or furniture creating a magical experience. The coverage is so complete two SSP6 Multiducers can replace 6 or more conventional speakers.

“Embedding the SSP6 Multiducer™ into walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, vehicles etc., transforms non-acoustic materials and devices into high fidelity truly full range audio speakers. A two minute installation coupled with real performance provides specifiers with a powerful tool to solve nearly all audiospecification problems.

Drywall, wood, glass metal and other panel materials open up a myriad of installation opportunities. 70V multi tap transformers rounds out the commercial installation possibilities.”

Go to to learn more and find where you can get yours today.

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