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September is Emergency Preparedness Month and the CDC offers some great tips on their website – like having an emergency kit on hand and making an emergency plan. But, it’s also the 21st century – and there are new and innovative ways to make sure you’re prepared and informed if there is an imminent threat to your life or property. That’s where the free app, In-telligent, comes into play.

In the event of an emergency, community managers need to directly communicate with their residents and visitors in real-time.  During a crisis, a community leader can send a message through In-telligent that overrides the silent settings on a phone ensuring that it’s noticed when sent.  While these life safety benefits of In-telligent are obvious, community leaders can also use the same app to keep their residents and visitors aware and informed of other important local information. For instance, if there is a get together or fun mixer they can let all the residents know at once. And, even though In-telligent is free to the community and the users, In-telligent will give back a portion of its revenue to the community each time that it uses In-telligent, transforming communicating with residents and visitors into a revenue raiser for the community.  Integrating In-telligent is a must for every community dedicated to keeping its residents and visitors safer and more informed.  No one knows when emergencies will occur and a tool like In-telligent will keep people safer and better informed.

Visit today to learn more and to help make your community Intelligent.

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