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Maintaining a healthy garden or yard takes quite a bit of work. Sure traditional garden watering systems help but what about the days where it needs more water or the days where it needs less? That’s where viRaCube comes in.

viRaCube is the ultimate smart garden irrigation system. Using highly precise sensors it measures the water in the ground and determines whether or not more water is needed. There’s even a rain sensor that stops irrigation as soon as it starts raining. The accompanying viRaCube app allows you an overview of your garden, showing you what kind of condition it’s in. You can change settings and directly configure and control the system right in the app. Now the Cube is the brain of the whole system. Now the Cube is the brain of the whole system. There’s an option to use an internet connection through their cloud service or you can control the system through your local network. This sustainable system doesn’t use batteries so you never have to worry about it running out of juice.

“Traditional garden watering systems only know two actions: water or no water. But they are not able to stop watering at some places, where no water is needed or continue watering, when the soil needs more water. viRaCube uses highly precise developed sensors that measure the water in the ground and therefore know if more water is needed or not. Due to four components that viRaCube uses the ideal water supply for your garden can be granted.”

The viRaCube system starts at $355. To pre-order it today search for “viRaCube” on Kickstarter.

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