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Now, it’s no surprise that studies show Americans lack the understanding and the tools to effectively utilize their health plan. While lack of transparent information is a major issue for consumers and employers, medical providers deal with equally significant issues. DavidShield’s unique platform, app, and card are here to help solve these problems.

From the consumer’s and employer’s end, this platform creates transparency throughout the entire healthcare insurance process. They start by helping people navigate through possible medical providers to choose the most cost-effective healthcare option for themselves. The delivery of real time information allows users to make informed decisions, avoiding inflated costs. But they don’t stop there. DavidShield also provides a hassle-free experience by removing the need for lengthy paperwork, giving users prepaid medical funds directly to their insurance card, and eliminating unexpected balance billing.

On the other end, DavidShield eliminates major problems for medical providers. For example, medical providers aren’t typically paid immediately by insurance companies. DavidShield negates this problem by processing the insurance claim and paying medical fees on the spot.

With the DavidShield mobile App you are also able to:

• View coverages and deductibles
• Locate medical service providers
• Upload documents and receipts
• Update personal information

And there’s more: in addition to providing pre-paid funds in a matter of a minute, the App also performs a variety of key service options, offering a full convenience solution.

DavidShield also has employer benefits and it provides you and your employees with significant advantages anywhere in the world:

  • Comprehensive coverage abroad
  • A wide range of plan choices
  • Dedicated account management
  • Service in Hebrew and English
  • Full medical confidentiality
  • Coverage while visiting Israel

With groundbreaking success around the world, DavidShield is currently serving customers in over 95 countries and growing. To learn more about DavidShield, head to today.

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