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If you’re new to the whole parenting thing you can use all the help you can get.  Here’s something we ran across that we think might help you out with your little bundle of joy. The Wonder Weeks app is a personalized daily calendar that tracks your baby’s mental development.

Based off the international bestselling book of the same title, The Wonder Weeks keeps you abreast of everything that’s going on in your child’s development, from the mental leaps and bounds your baby’s going to experience to the fussy stages. To start using it you just sign up, enter your child’s name, gender, and due date. After that, you’ll receive notifications when your baby is making a mental or developmental leap so you can stay in tune and know what to expect. Now, the app isn’t just a calendar. It gives you unique insight into your baby’s developing mind. With tons of videos and information, you’ll find the guidance you need through these early stages of development. The Wonder Weeks guides you through each stage and even suggests games and types of toys that will promote the stage that your child is in. The app warns you of the weeks in which your child will be crankier than usual and explains how those weeks are helping them to master especially difficult new skills.

To stay prepped for the first stages of your child’s life, download The Wonder Weeks app for  $1.99 on iOS and Android devices. Head to the Google Play or App Store to download it today or head to

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