Tiny Powerful Laser

So do you know what’s one of the biggest trends in the high-tech world this year? Lasers. The reason lasers are big news is that they are used in LIDAR systems. LIDAR is a laser radar or 3D scanner that’s used for things like mapping a forest to help fight fires or what the highway patrol uses to know exactly how fast you were really going. Back in the day these lasers used to be the size of moving vans, but now they’re extremely small and portable. But how small can lasers get? Well, we got our hands on the newest laser from Quantum Composers and it’s crazy tiny.

It’s only 3 inches long, weighs about 40 grams, and is surprisingly durable. This is one of the first rugged, solid state lasers to be built with 8 millijoules of energy in this small of a package and still be tough enough for this… It’s designed to resist all kinds of bumps and knocks with its powerful shot to shot stabilizing system. It also contains an efficient, reliable diode pump. Quantum Composers already has plans for this guy to be mounted in submersible vehicles, planes, balloons, and they even have plans to bring them to cube satellites in space.  The possibilities are endless. “It also features an integrated thermal management system designed for applications that require high reliability. In addition, we can customize different optical configurations that are optimized for different parameters (divergence vs energy).”

For more information, check out their website at quantumcomposers.com today.

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