Optical Fiber at Home

In order to enjoy the full experience that is 4K or 8K TV it’s pretty much a necessity that your set up includes fiber optics. The idea is that in order to carry that quantity of data to deliver that quality of picture, you need a larger pipeline. Copper wires just don’t do the job anymore Inneos is a leading designer and manufacturer of optical subsystems for high definition video and specifically fiber optics.

“Optical fiber is coming to the home!  But not for reasons most of you thought.  Our insatiable hunger for faster internet connections was supposed to drive fiber optics into the home, much like inside businesses today.  But surprisingly, the shift to high-def TV is pushing fibers into the home faster. The data rate for a full-color, 4K video is more than 100 times faster than the typical home network. That’s way more than a copper cable can effectively handle.  Our products convert the electrical video signal into an optical signal, and transport that over fiber.  Most of our products reside inside video equipment like switches and monitors, but we’re now releasing a stand-alone adapter that connects to the back of any 1080, 4K or even 8K TV, and allows the user to feed that TV using fiber optics. Gamers, sports-enthusiasts, and big-screen TV owners can see every pixel and every color they thought they were buying.  No compression, no sampling.  Just a firehose full of flowing video.” -Brian Peters, Inneos Founder and CEO

Inneos, believe it or not, is the only optical system provider that successfully combines high performance optical engines, extreme functional integration and quality manufacturing into one.

“There are two attributes that separate Inneos from the pack.  The first is how we do it: our patent technology that transmits multiple colors of light onto one strand of fiber, called CWDM.  A video image is comprised of many distinct data streams, so we provide each of the data streams its own high speed optical carrier.   Imagine several high speed rail systems running exactly in parallel to each other, and you’re loading each train with massive amounts of cargo every second.  We are that massive train system, but on a single strand of fiber. Compare this to a one-channel optic where the video streams must be mushed together and bits removed in order to fit on the one optical channel. The second is where we do it.  We build these products right here in the USA, right in California.  Our factory was created by our engineers, technicians and operators to be largely automated.   The amount of labor in most tech-products is about 20% of the price: ours is less than half that, while using US-based workers.  It’s all due to a highly efficient factory.”

If you want to take your video system to the next level, check out Inneos at Inneos.com.

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