Stock Strategy Courses

Trading or investing in the stock market seems like a great way to get rich quick, right?  Well unfortunately the truth is it takes time, hard work and most of all patience. Not to mention you need to know what you’re doing if you want to avoid losing a lot of money. Well, Live Traders was established as an online educational trading firm to help aspiring traders and investors outperform the market through accurate technical analysis.

Instead of acting like a get-rich-quick scheme, Live Traders provides you straightforward information you’ll need to know in order to actually succeed. The Professional Trading Strategies course includes over 450 pages and 16 hours of video covering every aspect you need to know as a trader. You’ll cover things like money management, trade management, long and short term trading, technical charts, trading fees and of course the psychological pitfalls of trading and how to avoid them. And what good is all this if you can’t see it in practice? The Live Chat Room feature allows you to watch others trade right in front of your eyes.

Live Traders course packages range from $97 to $1900 depending on the course that’s right for you. Head to to sign up today.

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