Stuart the Minion Cam – Security with a Fun Twist

With the advent of the smart home we have the convenience of a connected system that operates our essentials, like lighting and appliances, as well as security. For the highest quality WiFi camera check out Tend Insights.

Tend is a maker of award-winning lifestyle smart home products powered by computer vision technology which includes camera hardware, mobile and web apps, cloud services, and firmware. They count KODAK and John Deere as a few of the companies they’ve licensed their products with. And now they’re working with Universal Studios with their Stuart Cam. This camera allows users to check in on the people, pets and places that matter most – in real time with no subscription fees. When the built-in motion sensor is triggered the camera automatically begins recording with free lifetime 24 hours of cloud storage. But just because the camera is a security feature doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well. The camera features a Minion Talkback feature which allows you to sound like a Minion when using the two-way radio.

If you love your pet as much as we do and your Stuart Cam will be used to check on your furry family member, you can add to the fun with The Pet Highlight Reel which creates a fun music video of your pet’s best moments of the day. How cool is that little addition feature? And just imagine your pet’s reaction to you talking to it in a Minion voice!

You can pick up this HD WiFi camera by searching for “Stuart Cam” at

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