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If you’ve ever been interested in comics and the unique visual stories they tell then you should check out Europe Comics.

Europe Comics is a 13-partner European Alliance dedicated to spreading comics and graphic novels, unique to their continent, across the world. They are co-funded by the European Union and have three main goals. First is the creation of a collective digital imprint representing the varied and unique European comic experience, with about 200 titles added per year. Europe Comics addresses both the reader directly and the foreign publisher interested in licensing in English and other languages. Second is the international exposure of the wildly talented European authors through author tours and events in both Europe and the U.S. And lastly the shaping of a European comics online directory with all kinds of information about European comics. Now, these comics or graphics novels aren’t just for the kid inside you who loved Batman comics growing up. No, rather these are the kinds of rich-in-content graphic novels that will appeal to those who love literature as well.

Additional features include exclusive interviews, previews, new content and sales. Subscribing to their newsletter gives you the inside scoop on the upcoming releases, events, and all other Europe Comics news.

For more information visit and follow Europe Comics across their social media platforms so you stay up on what’s new and when they’re coming to an event near you.

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