Real Feel Racing App

Car racing games have been popular for decades and with the advent of some pretty compelling mobile games their popularity won’t be hitting the brakes any time soon. For one of the most realistic racing games out there download Gear.Club.

Gear.Club gives you a realistic driving experience but with a complete world around it. Build your car garage into a full-blown performance shop, turning out some of the sickest vehicles on 4 wheels. You can choose from over 25 cars at the moment with more added every month. Boost your engines to the max and give it the tune-up it needs to give you the edge to win. Step on the gas and veer around corners and other cars to battle your friends for the top spot in flash events and daily championships. Unlike other games you won’t be flying and performing a million other impossible stunts. No, Gear.Club is about realism and loving cars as they are. In designing the app, Eden Games worked with vehicle manufacturers to make the in-game cars as realistic as possible. This adds a level of fun to the game in the reality of it. It’s way more fun to feel like you are really zooming around corners with your hands gripping the wheel of a real car and your foot flooring the pedal to the metal. Get your hands on your favorite car and hit the road!

To start collecting your favorite whips, download Gear.Club for free. Just head to the App or Google Play store or their website at Gear.Club.

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