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If you’ve looked at your cable or satellite TV bill lately there’s a good chance you’re thinking about getting rid of the service altogether. Cutting the cord is a tough decision but is made easier when you have a free alternative.  Check out ANTOP antennas.

ANTOP has been in the antenna business for decades but only just recently introduced their new line of HD antenna products.  Their wide range of new concept outdoor TV antennas combine the latest in digital technology and design to deliver crystal clear HD.  Antop’s SMART Antenna, new for 2017, allows free local channels and streaming via a wireless connection. And it’s easy to install, so you’ll be surfing free channels quickly.  They also have a ton of indoor antennas designed to aesthetically complement your home.  With a size that doesn’t fight for space, not to mention the absence of a monthly bill, an antenna makes a great alternative to cable or satellite. You’ll be surprised at how many free channels are available over the air. We’ve found folks who “cut the cord” often don’t even feel the difference.

“We make the antenna.
ANTOP Antennas have lead the global change in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of TV antennas, creating an astonishing digital signal and quality reception, paving a new path for the world to watch TV without the cables and contracts. Established in 1980, ANTOP has become one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of digital indoor and outdoor TV antennas, focused on providing superior customer service and offering the best Over-The-Air TV signal reception solutions for homes, vehicles, and marine.”

To purchase your ANTOP antenna check out

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