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As we get older it seems we’re on an eternal quest to find the perfect mattress for our nighttime z’s. Maybe we need more than just a comfortable mattress. How about one that has integrated technology to help get that peaceful night’s sleep?  Well, Magniflex is an Italian manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the mattress industry as a business to business operation.

Their unique MagniSmartech integrated sleep system has taken their mattresses to the next level. MagniSmartech allows you to learn more about your sleep through the use of sensors that gather data about you and your sleep environment in real time. The data and suggestions are available to view the next day in the accompanying app or through a web browser. The sensors track many parameters like the hours slept, your average heart rate and respiratory rate and their fluctuations, as well as environmental data like the brightness and noise level of your room. MagniSmartech also features an innovative soft wake up function as well as chromotherapy using LED, but probably the most unique feature is the anti-snore function, which automatically recognizes when you’re snoring and then goes into action adjusting the position of the bed until the snoring stops, at which point it returns to the original position.

Smart bed not for you? They have every other kind of mattress that you could imagine and desire. Including pet beds, you know how much we love our pets here at NewsWatch. They even have accessories for your office or travel if you’re interested.

For more information on Magniflex head to their website at

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