Reviewing Technology on Home Security, Robotics, and Smart Home Living

Take a look at some of the co founders and founders of some of the coolest technology that NewsWatch’s Andrew Tropeano got to sit down and chat with at the 2017  Consumer Electronics Show. From home security applications that can be managed straight from your smart phone to an automated coffee making barista consisting of thousands of recipes, we covered it at the CES 2017.

toto dual flush toilet


Providing dual flush technology, TOTO USA’s Neorest 750H is the smartest toilet technology on the market. Containing automated self cleaner as well as a built-in bidet, TOTO’s Neorest 750H is the intelligent toilet to have.

robotic transportation


Moboster is a leader in robotic transportation and motor technology. It uses Bluetooth technology to control movement and provides a steady ride. In addition, Moboster offers portable mobility so you can take it with you anywhere.


The Smart Adaptor by Anyware Solutions is the world’s smallest adaptor device. Made for smart home features, it controls the following sensors in your home:

  • Sound
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ambient Light

In addition, it provides Bluetooth and Wifi for optimal functionality purposes while you’re away.

smart adaptor smart home living


We got a close look at the logistics that go into smart coffee brewing and having a personal barista that recalls your favorite beverages. With the Arist Coffee Machine, it provides thousands of coffee recipes that will best suit your preferences.

smart coffee maker

UltraSync Secure SmartHome offers cost effective smart home security and efficiency. Created by Interlogix, they created a system to optimize home operation management that can be operated all from the convenience of a smartphone application.

ultrasync smarthome security




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