Gluten Free and Delicious

Consumer Update

So, trying to find tasty gluten-free alternatives to some of your favorite foods can be tricky. But for some, the gluten-free lifestyle is vital for health reasons. Well you can now check pasta sauce off your list. Toomio’s Pasta Sauce was created by Tammy Toomey for her husband after he found out he had Celiac’s disease after returning from Iraq.

They searched high and wide for gluten-free foods that tasted good with little to no luck. So they started their own. Toomio’s pasta sauce is all natural with no preservatives added. It contains only 4 grams of pure cane sugar while most brands load up their sauces with 11 or 12 grams. It also contains no saturated fat or trans-fat and only 230 miligrams of sodium. Despite the healthy recipe, it still retains that authentic Italian flavor.  You don’t need to sacrifice taste for your health. Now one other thing people tend to experience with pasta sauce is acid reflux or digestive problems. This is due in large part to the acidity of the tomatoes. Toomio’s uses a higher end tomato with lower acidity helping to avoid any uncomfortable repercussions.

To buy this healthy and delicious pasta sauce simply head over to today.

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