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In recent years, numerous lawsuits and legal actions have been brought against individuals found to be spying on people through their webcams. Culprits range from individual hackers to full-on British government agencies. If that level of invasion of privacy is possible, what can you do to protect yourself? The solution is simple. C-Slide is a patented web camera cover designed to be used on laptops, desktop computers, external webcams, phones tablets, gaming stations and even Smart TVs.

Its design and application is made to be extremely user friendly. Start by removing the double-sided tape tabs. Position the cover over your webcam and press down firmly for a few seconds. Now it can be opened and closed with a simple slide. Whenever you’re not using it just make sure to keep it closed. And don’t worry about the C-Slide scratching your camera lens as it’s been designed to avoid touching it directly. It’s also super thin at just 1 millimeter thick so you can easily close your laptop. With 100% satisfaction guarantee you’ve really got nothing to lose. Protect your privacy and enjoy peace of mind with this simple camera cover.

To purchase the C-Slide for all of your computers head over to today.  Now they see you…  After they won’t!

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