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Are you looking for a new pair of headphones that are geared toward activities? Check out PowerMAG Wireless from Tonus Audio.

PowerMAG Wireless headphones were designed for daily use in the gym, at the office, on the go or really anywhere. Activated by magnetic technology, once you separate the two earphones they instantly connect to your mobile device, tablet, or laptop using Bluetooth 4.1. The earphones themselves are stylish and extremely comfortable with ear hooks that lock in place so there’s no worry about them falling out no matter how active you are. Adjustable earbud size options allow you to achieve the best noise cancelling listening experience. And the sweat and water-resistant design means you can go hard in the gym or go for that jog or stroll in the rain without a worry. Controls such as volume, play, skip forward and playback are operated right from the earphone with simple taps. You can answer calls or jump to the right song in a flash. The battery is on point with 6 hours of playback and 130 hours of standby life. And if the battery does die don’t sweat it, it’ll charge back up in less than an hour.

To purchase a pair of PowerMAGs head to today.

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