Akeakami Quest – Resolve Differences with Just a Simple Game


Find your friends or gather your co-workers for a journey full of team building. Akeakami Quest gives you and those you’re playing with the challenge of working together to make it to the next level. Usually, when you play games with others, you’re in competition, but Akeakami Quest has you rely on other players in order to make it through the game.

Whynot mix entertainment into an experience that promotes commitment, motivation, and the ability to have your team work closer together? You’ll need to solve problems as each player will require a group effort to race to the finish.

In your quest to save the Akeakami tribe, your mission will be to find the crystals of life as a team. These events will promote a cohesive work environment and have you work as a whole so you can restore the island and salvage the tribe.

Not only can you look forward to succeeding in the game by coming together, but you can develop bonds with your teammates that can be appreciated in the long run. So, it’s time to pull in the shy guy at work who doesn’t say much and have him join the quest to achieve tribal salvation.

If you’re also facing adversity in the work environment or someone just can’t go with the flow, pick a time to play Alkeakami Quest. Who knows, this can lead to resolved conflicts and learning valuable lessons along the way. From sales teams, to product managers, to executives and even students, Alkeakami Quest gives you the opportunity to work together with others to achieve a solid goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a game night with your friends or colleagues and download Akeakami Quest for your iOS or Android device for free today. And if you happen to see a nice change of pace at work or in your group of friends, you’re welcome.


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