Tiles and Tales – Unleash Your Medieval Fantasies & Fight For Your Kingdom


Get ready for the ultimate combination of medieval fantasy and puzzle-game conquests with Tiles & Tales. During this RPG style game, you’ll play as Lilly, whose mission is to save her kingdom, Zanira, from evil monsters called Norbolds. In an effort to block attacks, you can protect yourself, heal yourself, or loot treasure by sliding tiles in place. It’s essentially like mixing Tetris with a medieval theme all while being thrown into a magical universe. So, if that doesn’t entice you, we’re not sure what will.

Tiles & Tales also provides players an in-depth gameplay which also immerses them in a rich, 2D environment with high-end animations. Proceed to hone your gameplay prowess and improve your fighting skills when you download Tiles & Tales and play wherever you want.

Live vicariously through Lilly and become the heroine who saves her kingdom from evil monsters on the attack.

Other features you can expect when playing Tiles and Tales?

  • Daily and weekly quests
  • Connect to Facebook to play on multiple devices and compete with friends
  • Packed with tons of monsters to fight and boss challenges

The beginner-friendly tutorial helps you master your skills through the advanced levels as well as provides Facebook compatibility so you can connect on multiple devices and compete with friends.

Levels can be played endlessly in this game and though you’ll begin at a beginner’s level, you’ll quickly see yourself master the advanced ones.

Gear up your Android or iOS device so you can start the adventure on your mobile phone or tablet. Visit iTunes or the Google Play Store to download the app for free and start the journey!


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