CardLinx Makes Customer Loyalty Simple


If you’re a successful merchant, some of your customers frequent your business and have maintained their loyalty for quite some time. To prove their loyalty, they either, type their phone number, give you a loyalty card, or hand over a coupon. With the various businesses your consumers visit, they most likely find themselves accruing loyalty cards or coupons and let’s face it, it can be bothersome, weigh down wallets, or get lost in the mix of leftover receipts. CardLinx knows this all too well and decided to do something about it.

In efforts to save time and promote convenience, CardLinx came up with a method of linking a consumer’s payment card to the merchant so they never have to show them a coupon or show a loyalty card again.

The process is simple:

  • The customer links his or her card to a mobile app or loyalty program associated with CardLinx
  • The customer then receives their discount or loyalty benefit when they pay with their registered card at checkout.
  • Customers leave the store in convenience and without the hassle of digging through other coupons

What’s better than having a merchant’s designated special offer or discount be given to the consumer automatically? CardLinx’s objective is to eliminate cumbersome over-the-counter loyalty cards and the need to cut coupons

With options for consumers to personalize their existing payment card, they can further simplify their shopping experience and transactions. It’s as easy as downloading the app to a mobile device.

In efforts of maximizing better transactions between the merchant and consumer, CardLinx made the ability to prove loyalty simple.

To find out more information on CardLinx, visit their website at

CardLinx will also be hosting a conference, Mobile Commerce and the Internet of Commerce Things, in Redwood City, CA on April 26, 2017. Register your company today by visiting the following link:



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