Nuvanna – Get the Sleep that You Deserve

Laying awake as your partner tosses and turns? In desperate need of receiving a glorious night’s rest? We hear ya. Sometimes getting an adequate night’s sleep isn’t as simple for some as it is for others.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s reported that 30 percent (40.6 million) of American adults sleep for six or fewer hours a day (which means the average American sleeps 6.8 hours a night). Night shift workers such as those who work in transportation, warehouse, and health care industries are at further risk of not receiving enough sleep.

Nuvanna by Alvaro understands this which is why they came up with a mattress that contains the technology to provide the support you may be missing in order to achieve rest. In addition, Nuvanna integrates these technologies to help prevent against sleep disruptions.

What mattress aids does it provide, you may ask?

  • Motion isolation & cooling technologies
  • 100% American-made & uses a three-layer foam construction to provide the best comfort during your sleep
  • A foam that encased in an ultra-premium, moisture-absorbing fabric that keeps you cool & dry.

Take charge of your REM cycle and let Nuvanna facilitate a better night’s rest or maybe even the best night’s rest EVER. With customization and smart mattress technology implementation, you can’t go wrong with sleeping the night away.

With an easy order of an online purchase, you can also receive it at a third of the retail store price.

Go to to purchase the mattress that’s designed to give you better sleep, today.


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