Willing Hearts – Travel with The Brave Sisters of the Holy Cross During the Civil War

Made to follow the immersive missions of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, you can be a part of their journeys to heal and save. Willing Hearts was developed by six women with voice-overs done by current Sisters of the Holy Cross in their efforts to share how they helped their country in desperate need.

Take part of the events that none other than the Sisters of the Holy Cross were a part of during the Civil War. With this immersive storytelling app, you’ll follow these brave nurses during painstaking circumstances and see how they saved lives.

Follow the brave Sisters of the Holy Cross when they work in military hospitals and on a naval hospital steamboat to save lives.

As as we’re concerned, this app provides great incentive to switch it up from the day-to-day surfing and posting on Facebook.  It’s not only educational, but a breath of fresh air as far as apps go.  In addition, the music and melodies of The Willing Hearts app can fully integrate you in a part of a journey that consisted of upheaval.

Their remarkable story of spreading faith, compassion, and courage will resonate with anyone who downloads the book app. A portion of the proceeds will also go towards the Sisters of the Holy Cross ministries.

Willing Hearts will shed new light and bring new perspective to the journeys of others during the Civil War. For all the apps on your phone that can help you pass the time, take part in a learning lesson when you put yourself in the shoes of the Sisters.

Download Willing Hearts when you go to the App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store or head to http://www.willingheartsapp.com/.



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