Solid Soccer – Play on the Field, Straight From Your Phone


He kicks, he scores! Warmer weather is upon us, folks and that means tons of outdoor activities. But if you’re like most adults with crazy schedules, it’s hard to find the time to play your favorite sport. If this is the case and you love soccer, you may want to check out the app, Solid Soccer.

Solid Soccer by Raketspel offers an alternative to playing on the field and lets your competitive side shine through. Challenge other teams from all over the world and right from your mobile device. Pass, tackle, and shoot just like you would if you were on the field. The instinctive controls let you hit through-balls, shoot one timers, and execute sliding tackles; what more could you ask for? In Solid Soccer, it’s all about working with your team so be sure that you’re ready to take on the competition before your match.

In efforts to build stronger teams, you have the ability to train each of your players so they can be no match on the field. By thoroughly training your players, you can achieve a speedy center, sharp goalie, and strong defenders.

The way you can level-up and progress in Solid Soccer is by gaining access to bigger arenas and facing sturdier competition. And if you’ve got some down time in between matches, kick back with a friendly game or personalize your team’s uniforms.

Also rest assured that when you play Solid Soccer, advertisements will NOT invade your space – I wish every mobile game was like that.

Want to advance faster in Solid Soccer? No problem. There are in-app purchases available so you can get in the lead quicker.
So, if you find a lull in your demanding schedule, get on the virtual field with Solid Soccer. Download the app for free by heading to the App Store and search for “Solid Soccer.”


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