Live View Golf – Instantly Perfect Your Golf Performance


If you’re a professional golf player or just simply an enthusiast, you’re probably always trying to see what can be done to perfect your swing, form, and overall performance.

Luckily, Live View Golf provides a method to help execute your swing. Live View Golf’s method eliminates learning interference of feeling like you’re swinging correctly when in fact, you’re implementing the wrong form. Live View Golf’s instant feedback helps to immediately correct your swing so you can get better, faster.

With this app you can continually adjust your swing until it matches your chosen swing position. A benefit of this implementation reinforces the feeling of a correct swing instead of creating incorrect swing feelings. With the live video feature, it can allow you an unlimited number of learning cycles so you can create a strong muscle memory to instill the correct form. Once every swing is correct, your learning will increase significantly.

So how does it work? Live View Golf functions by a live streaming wireless camera that acts as a digital mirror to show you exactly what it is that you’re doing. Whether you’re someone who’s a novice golf player and wants to take it to pro-level or who just simply appreciates playing for fun, Live View Golf is an investment worth considering. It may also lessen the amount of time it takes to practice as you can correct mistakes faster with the immediate feedback feature.

Now, let’s get to the fun part, setting it up.

Once you receive Live View Golf, you’ll want to place the Live View camera on your golf bag. Place it directly behind the strike zone and once you have the camera setup, you’ll download the app and then you’ll be ready to play!

If you’re interested in purchasing this and want to work on your form, we recommend Live View Golf. It’s available on iOS and Android devices. If you also want to learn more, you can visit


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