VooDoo – Got a Cool Game App? Time to Put it on the Market!


Attention all game app developers! Have you made your game app go from concept to completion? If so, that’s awesome and we’d love to see it. However, before it gets to that point, you’ll probably want to begin the process of marketing it and we have the company in mind to do so.

VooDoo is actively looking for the next big hit in game apps and if you think you’ve got it, they’re accepting submissions!

What does VooDoo offer?

  • Product: they help improve your game as well as offer advice on UX, UI, content and tech. VooDoo also offers financial support to polish off your game.
  • Acquisition: they take on the financial risks as well as the acquisition budget. They’re experts in buying cheap installs in large quantities due to their mobile growth dream team.
  • Monetization: Voodoo extracts the maximum value from your game and creates and efficient ad mediation system.
  • Data Analysis: help to understand your users and key metrics. In addition, VooDoo will help improve your game’s audience retention, in app purchases and growth.
  • Promotion: drive users to your game as well as cross-promote hack their games. VooDoo will coach on how to receive an apple feawture and a google signature.

What games has VooDoo published thus far?

  • Paper.io (10M Downloads)
  • Fight List (3M Downloads)
  • Bool (1M Downloads)
  • Quiz Run (10M Downloads)
  • 1 Pic 8 Words (1M Downloads)

With a proven track record of successful games, VooDoo are leading experts in mobile game marketing. Their expertise can help make your game a hit and one that stays at the top of the charts for months.

If you are ready to take the plunge (and we think you should- but we can be a bit biased) to make your game go public, look into VooDoo today. Head over to their website at voodoo.io.


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