AdBlock- Block Ads When You Surf the Web or Play Games


So, you’re waiting on that favorite sandwich of yours at the deli and you’ve got 10 minutes to kill. How do you spend the time? By surfing the internet on your favorite iOS device, of course! All goes smoothly until a pesky ad rears its ugly head. Annoying, right? Fortunately for the iOS users out there, AdBlock has come up with a solution to block these invasive advertisements so you can surf the internet in peace.

This means that no more time is wasted before you play your favorite game or watch a video. In addition, this tool blocks ads from popping up on your iOS device. It works with, not just Safari, but every app to remove banners, popups, and video ads whether you’re on WiFi or Cellular data. Optimize your mobile viewing experience by cutting down on bandwidth and watching a smoother played video.

AdBlock even takes it a step further to protect your privacy by blocking user tracking. Set it up once and never have to worry about the rest as one swipe is all it takes to block them all.

Don’t settle for advertisements hijacking your phone. With the simple installation process, you can rest assured that it’s working in the background from a list of pre-defined domains that you want ads blocked in.

Once you download AdBlock, you’ll be guaranteed time to focus on your video playlist or gameplay of choice instead of anticipating a disruptive ad. AdBlock aims to filter content for desktop and mobile users and also includes optional donations to developers who wish to give.

Working with all iOS devices, AdBlock is available to download from the App Store for $1.99. All you have to do is search for “AdBlock” or you can simply visit the website, and download it from there.


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