DakApp – Music Lessons Straight From Your Phone


If you’re hankering to learn or pickup an instrument, you guessed it, there’s an app for that. It just goes to show that technology rules and will continue to rule as we go from being physically present somewhere to virtually present.

When it comes to being taught musical lessons, this too now falls into the virtual category. Thanks to DakApp, you can receive classes right over your phone and straight from where you are located.

DakApp works with you to provide the convenience of learning over one hundred lessons from teachers worldwide and delivering them to wherever you are. This music app also provides a catalog of original videos to teach anything from Bach to Beethoven from the palm of your hand and of course, only in the highest of quality. The catalog also offers comprehensive pieces that include intermediate and advanced levels in classical music.

Where DakApp gets even more versatile is in its ability to show its app in different languages. What can it display in different languages you may ask? Take a look:

  • Scores
  • Interviews with teachers and research about interpretive evolution
  • Historical, political, and geographical content

DakApp is also regarded as an interactive app because it can, not only be immediately accessed to analyze score from high caliber musicologists, but grant you in-depth interviews that can help bring you closer to the artists.

Any questions that you may end up having during your musical journey, can be directly answered by masters. Talk about 0ne-on-one lessons!

On either your iOS or Android device, you can have the chance to learn classic music. DakApp’s mission is to break boundaries regarding economical and/or location issues so anyone can have the chance to master an instrument.

DakApp is also free to download and if you want to learn even more about it, head to DakApp.com.


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