Page Flip – Turn Your Sheet Music with Just a Step


Making music takes a lot of concentration and coordination. For all you talented musicians out there, each of you may play different instruments, but may be facing the same problem and that is needing to turn sheet music. This mechanical problem can disrupt the flow and rhythm of practicing and let’s be honest, can be quite cumbersome.

Cue a solution we think may be able to work for you and that’s PageFlip. PageFlip’s founders come from backgrounds of occupational therapy and engineering and their frustration of not having the pages turn automatically, inspired their creation.

What exactly is PageFlip?

PageFlip is a hands-free, Bluetooth powered solution and can be operated with just a simple step – and we do mean a literal step. Its mission was to not only promote convenience, but assist those who have disabilities as well.

PageFlip works as a unique mechanical page turner that’s designed with bidirectional, hands-free functionalities. Thus, this creates a portable, dependable, silent, and affordable product for any musician to reap the benefits from.

What kind of products does PageFlip have?

Take a gander at some of the options PageFlip offers. Depending on your kind of practicing or performance environment, PageFlip tries to customize their pedals to your circumstances.

  • The Butterfly: lowest-cost entry-level pedal
  • The Firefly: premium 2-pedal system that features illuminated pedals for use on stage or in dim venues.
  • The Dragonfly: fully integrated four-pedal solution that allows you to trigger four actions such as hands-free navigation among pages and among songs in a set list.

Use any of the Bluetooth pedals for hands-free page turning on devices such as tablets and desktops. Being the #1 rated hands-free page turner for musicians, we say that can pretty much speak for itself.

If you want to get your hands on (or off we should say) a PageFlip pedal, visit their website at today.


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