Tappy – The Safer & Convenient Form of Payment


Move over mobile wallets, Tappy, a global NFC payment solution provider, is paving the way in over-the-counter transactions. And with how advanced technology is and always becoming, Tappy is revolutionizing a faster (and cooler) form of payment.

Just think, you can actually wear items and accessories such as jewelry, watches, and sunglasses, and use them as an electronic form of payment.

We like to get up close and personal with these types of products (as we did with Tappy at Mobile World Congress) and it was glorious. This tech placed in high-end jewelry and watches has collaborated with financial institutions like Barclaycard and Visa which enables consumers to make low value, payment transactions.

Let’s take a second and marvel at how FAR technology has come. With an invention like Tappy, you can literally make payments with your everyday wear. How is that not exciting?!

Ok, ok, we’ve calmed down. So now we’ll explain the process:

  • Use a Tappy enabled watch or piece of jewelry
  • Hold your wrist up to the reader during checkout (for seamless payment)
  • That’s it! You’re just another person enjoying the perks of living in the 21st century!

When consumers wave their smartwatches or wearable over a reader at the point of sale, there is an embedded chip and antenna that allows them to make a low value payment.

And with Tappy’s NFC technology, it isn’t just exclusive to jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. It can also be used for security measures such as adding a key fob to a purse.

In addition to the aforementioned Tappy improvements, they’re coming up with new ways to tap for transit, home and vehicle access. Their mission is to make the world a safer and secure place. Tappy’s objective is to also bridge the gap of FinTech, banks, card networks, and regulators.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tappy, head to GoTappy.com today!


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