Netronome – Prepare Your Company for Network Infrastructure Challenges


Prepare yourselves, there’s a lot about to be thrown your way: global mobile traffic growth, infrastructure challenges, increased data service requirements, etc. See? We told you.

Let’s break it down.

Your company and its data are constantly on the go and always growing. With this natural growth comes high-performance challenges and operational difficulties. What do you do during times like this? Get Netronome.

Netronome SmartNICs and software enables the highest application performance and CPU efficiency for Telco and cloud data center server infrastructures.

What happens is data centers become overwhelmed with information and can interfere with the process of simple data transference. The real struggle happens when these data centers are asked to do more, but with fewer resources. Due to this information overload, data centers are in need of delivering services in a better and secure way without it getting too costly.

Netronome’s solution is with server-based networking that enables fast innovation for maneuvering network software used in servers and to speed up networking functions.

What optimized features can you anticipate with Netronome?

  • Virtual switching
  • Virtual routing
  • Connecting tracking
  • Virtual network functions

How does it do it?

Netronome implements a flow-processing-optimized silicon and software architecture that works alongside standard and open source server-based networking software. The final product? Innovative solutions for its efficiency and major companies that can show for it, such as:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google

If you’re interested in learning more information on Netronome, go to today.


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