Apps That Pay – Make Money & Donate to Charity


Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope! It’s in fact not a scam (plus we’d never do that to you). There is indeed a way to make some cash all while you donate to a great cause.  See for yourself below.

Zap Surveys has come out with an app, Apps that Pay, that will give you a decent payday for that chosen Starbucks in your life or if you want it through an Amazon e-gift card, you can swing that way too.

Did we mention that you can also get money by playing games? Yep, they have that option too.

So we’ve established that everyone loves money, so now comes the part where we tell you how to go about it.

  • Download Zap on your iPhone or Android device
  • Take your first survey
  • Receive $6 for your first survey

By the end of your gameplay or survey, you’ll be instantly paid in real dollars and will automatically donate to the AAH – a non-profit organization that helps starving children all around the world. You’re even given $.03 just for logging on!

Want to know more you can do when you download Apps that Pay? Check it out:

  • Earn movie money by watching the daily 20 videos. You’ll get paid $5 in cash or get an Amazon gift card.
  • Catch millions of pounds of fish (not in real life) and earn $15 by playing, “Fish for Money.”

Your money will go through PayPal and takes just a few days to process through Amazon e-Gift card.

OK, we know $6 isn’t the jackpot, but if you want to earn more profit, spread the love on your social media accounts and refer friends!

Make that side money with Apps that Pay and give back to charities that need it the most.

All you need is your phone to get started and to head over to


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