Spotted Places – Oh The Places That You’ll Spot


Attention travelers! If you’re always on the go or yearning for a new adventure, you probably want your recommendations from a friend or fellow nomad.

If you’re looking for that new bar or restaurant to try, you may be more apt to try them if they’re recommended by those you trust or follow. Spotted Places helps achieve exactly this.

Spotted Places lets you follow and view recommendations from friends or fellow travelers. It works by creating a personalized map of their experiences around the world. Talk about getting all worldly from a mobile device!

What makes Spotted Places versatile? You don’t have to only receive recommendations from people in other states or countries, but also discover experiences from those who are right around you.

Need to get to that destination ASAP? No problem! If there’s a spot you have in mind and it’s nearby, you can call an Uber, get driving directions, or even book a hotel by tapping on an icon in the app.

After you’ve had the time of your life at your newly discovered whereabout, go ahead and mark it on the map so others can see and share your experience! Sharing is caring, right?

What makes Spotted Places optimized for the user is that the app has partnered with hundreds of food and travel bloggers. Select your preferred users to follow and receive quality options from them, even if they’re outside of your personal network.

So, say “No,” to misguided recommendations and take the word of those you can trust. Did we also mention that you can follow celebrities on the app too?

If you’re traveling to somewhere abroad or just simply remaining local, follow those you know you can receive legitimate reviews from. Save time and find the perfect sweet spot. Download Spotted Places on the App Store or Google Play. You can also visit


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