Bird Song – Did a Little Birdie Tell You?


So, you’re taking a stroll around the block and you hear that same bird call that you heard from the other day. “What kind of bird was it?” You ask yourself. Well, Mullen & Pohland Gbr are glad you asked.

They have successfully created an app that can help you identify what birdsong is coming from which bird.

Enter Bird Song ID USA. It’s an original app that automatically identifies bird songs. In the event you hear a birdsong and wish to identify the type of bird, hold the phone in an acceptable hearing range. The closer you are to the bird, the higher the chance you’ll have the app identify the species of bird you’re listening to.

Try not to think of it as solely a “Shazam for bird songs, though.” Bird Song ID USA consists of a little bit more than that. In addition to its recognition feature, it includes a reference guide of 118 species of birds as well as copious amounts of photos to view.

So, what are you waiting for, Sherlock? Turn your outdoor stride into an adventure and make yourself into a birdsong expert.

“But I need an internet connection for that!” Nope! Think again. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it automatically downloads the library with hundreds of photographs and song samples.

If you’re also interested in recording your own bird sounds and keeping a bird sound diary, you can do that as well.

So give it a try. Try to even find a birdsong that Bird Song ID doesn’t recognize.

If you’re ready to go on the hunt for birdsongs, then head to the App or Google Play Store and search for “Bird Song ID USA.”


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