Rosewill Headphones – The Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For


Are you seeking to upgrade your earbuds? Have the pair you’ve kept around since your iPhone packaging seen better days? If so, you may want to checkout Rosewill.

These guys make it their mission to provide high end audio devices with the EX-700 in-ear headphones with hybrid dual driver support. Rosewill has engineered these buds from the ground up and with audiophile in mind. You can count on them to deliver full range sound that uses state-of-the-art technology and material.

What Does EX-700 Feature?

  • Evolutional balance armature unit to create high pitch in midrange and upper frequency with clear sound
  • An ergonomic design to enjoy music and ready to withstand long hour usage
  • A Hi-Res audio performance that produces a bandwidth of at least 40KHz
  • Adaptable earbud tips that come in 5 pairs including 3 that are solely for treble enhancement.

We’ll go ahead and spare you all the nitty-gritty mechanics of it all. But rest assured that the sound you’ll hear will remain distortion free, with a powerful bass and clear treble.

We can all commiserate on the annoyance of finding the cords to our earbuds destroyed after just a short period of time, but with Rosewill, none of that has to happen. Their models of earbuds are encased in a strong, durable gray aluminum alloy housing. Also know that the microphone is just as securely protected with in-line control and by a sturdy silicone sleeve.

Think about it, how can you beat 5 pairs of ear tips with these amazing earbud models? Again, 3 for treble and 2 for standard use. We all know how dirty those things can get – ya know, with the earwax and all.

To purchase these affordable high-quality Rosewill headphones, search for “Rosewill EX-700” on or today.


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