Safe Motion – Taking Safety Seriously


We get it. You get worried and want to know your little ones’ whereabouts. Even the elderly, they may need to be looked after as well. Well guess what? With wearable technology, this can happen.

The system is called Safe Motion. Safe Motion has the benefit of operating inside or outside at any given home. It was also developed following an award-winning and successful research project.

Make your watch go into action when the wearer raises an alert that goes back to you (the guardian). Want to know something else pretty cool? After Safe Motion is triggered, you’ll receive a call or text including a link to a map locating the whereabouts of the wearer who’s in need of assistance.

Those who are also in the alerting chain receive a call or SMS that includes a web address that allows the alerting chain to track the user’s location on a digital map.

What’s the chain?

The chain is a designated group of people who wish to be alerted should the wearer of the watch be in need of assistance. When the initial alert is made, the first member of the chain receives an alert via phone call, SMS, and email.

If the first contact does not respond, the watch alerts the next person in the chain. The emergency contact may also text or call the watch directly. Safe Motion will then auto answer the call if it is not picked up after a certain amount of rings.

Safe Motion even expands its functionality by reading aloud any messages if the wearer is unable to read them for any reason. In addition, Safe Motion can also be used to prevent emergencies by setting up reminders for a user to take medication at a certain time.

If you want to take the plunge and prevent potential emergencies, see about Safe Motion today by visiting



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