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Living in a big data world, there naturally comes a significant growth of data. The hardest part for businesses however, is figuring out what the right information is to manage it properly while also limiting risks.

Solution? A.I. and machine learning can assist in figuring out the right decision to move forward.

Features Analytics is a Belgium-based company and their Streamlined Machine Learning technology is designed to manage risks made throughout financial transactions.

Its platform provides a real-time processing system that can identify fraudulent activity upon the very moment of purchase. eyeDES’ multiple models address several data segments and business channels within the organization.

We all cringe at the term, “fraud,” but knowledge is power, right? With the amount of times that fraud happens, Features Analytics developed the eyeDES platform to help stop it before it evolves.

With the eyeDES models, they can predict and discover payment fraud as well as money laundering schemes and market manipulations. eyeDES’ machine learning technology is oriented around self-learning features to your data in combination of advanced algorithms to categorize data and detect potential threats. Ugh, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it?

Basically what we’re saying is that eyeDES’ platform is a great insurance to have for your business. In addition to that, it can supplement your business’ various needs. It will increase your team confidence in risk management decisions and enhance financial performance.

Want to know more about eyeDES? Visit features-analytics.com, today!


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