C.A.T.S. – And We Aren’t Talking About the Musical


Remember the wildly popular, Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, mobile games? Well, you may want to take a seat for this next one made by the same company.

Take your mobile gaming to new heights when you download, Crash Arena Turbo Stars, aka, C.A.T.S.

Let’s just have these various things that may seem to have absolutely nothing in common, fall into one app. Take the following: constructing an indestructible robot and being on a mission to build battle cars, take you on a whole new mobile adventure. This is pretty much, unlike any other gaming app you’d play to pass the time.

Let’s get into how it works:

Build your machine from spare parts all while you win in Quick Fights against other players. Construct your car out of collected parts and be on your way to build the ultimate machine.

Did we also mention that you’re a cat? OK, well, you’re not just a cat, but a fierce feline! As a street kitten, your job is to build the best battle car there is.

Other features?

  • Combine and upgrade dozens of parts, weapons, and gadgets to create an indestructible robot.
  • Conquer the leaderboard to achieve World Championship status.
  • Compete against friends so you can battle off.

To find out who is declared the champion, you must pass through different stages in the Championship. As you advance, further weapons, body parts, and gadgets will become readily available to you.

Also, be sure to keep in mind that you’re not battling against the computer, but rather REAL PLAYERS. Compete against friends and share your best battles.

Be sure to assemble your car well, because the better it is, the better chance you have at winning. And who doesn’t want to be the champion in a battle of the best robots and cars?

Show everyone how tough of a kitten you really are when you download C.A.T.S. from the Google Play or App Store today.


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