Fix-it-Fuel – Give Your Engine Something it Deserves


Now is the time to especially be cognizant of the kind of equipment you have laying around in the shed. And let’s also be honest with ourselves, the last thing we need when we know the grass needs a good mowin’ is our power equipment giving up on us. Yeah, not the most useful.

Want to know a secret? Your problem is likely to be the fuel due to pump gas you purchase at the corner gas station, blended with ethanol.

Ethanol can be the culprit in causing damage due to it absorbing moisture and forming deposits that degrade fuel lines. Total outcome? Your equipment doesn’t start and that’s a pain.

What’s even more of a pain is ethanol causing expensive repairs down the road because manufacturers’ warranties won’t cover the cost.

This is where Fix-it-Fuel saves the day. Fix-it-Fuel by VP Racing ensures that your engines are taken care of and that your equipment runs smoothly. VP Racing Fuels also continue to introduce new fuels each year so it sets the standards in automotive, powersports and other everyday fuel applications.

Fix-it-Fuel will rejuvenate and clean engines that have been corroded and destroyed by ethanol-filled products.

Results you can expect from Fix-it-Fuel:

  • Removes water that has caused corrosion
  • Revitalize stale fuel
  • Reduce expensive repairs
  • Fix ethanol issues in pump gas

Application process:

  1. Remove any fuel that’s in your equipment
  2. Pour in Fix-it-Fuel
  3. Prime the engine
  4. Let it sit for a few hours to clean the system

So, if you’re hankering to save time and money or just simply over the aggravation of your equipment not starting, give Fix-it-Fuel a try today.  Everyone needs a good cleanse, even your engine.

You can find Fix-it-Fuel at AutoZone, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart or learn more by heading to today.


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